Bradenton FL Medical Equipment Printing Laser Etching Expert Service Launched

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Pad Printing Technology has updated its pad printing services for clients in the medical industry who are looking for sterile laser and etching printing services for their medical equipment.

Pad Printing Technology has launched its updated printing services for the medical industry. The updated services aim to provide high-quality laser marking and etching printing for a range of medical equipment devices.

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Based in Bradenton, Florida, the newly updated services from Pad Printing Technology give clients the benefit of its innovative printing system for medical parts such as minimally invasive devices, catheters, probes, and syringes. Furthermore, the company aims to provide printing that is free from environmental contamination.

When etching and printing on medical equipment, it is vital that the parts are kept sterile for future use to prevent any medical risk caused by contaminants. Due to this requirement, it can be difficult for manufacturers of medical devices to get professional printing on their equipment. Pad Printing Technology aims to assist these companies with their contaminate-free printing processes.

For medical printing, the Bradenton-based company uses its ISO Class 8 cleanroom, which is designed specifically to benefit from a contamination-free environment. Pad Printing Technology’s cleanroom meets NEBB testing standards for ISO 14644-1:2015 requirements. The cleanroom also uses HEPA filters to filter incoming air to eliminate dust and perform constant re-circulation to remove any contaminants that are produced internally.

With over 25 years of experience in the printing industry, Pad Printing Technology also aims to give customers the benefit of their professionally trained employees who understand the importance of cleanliness when printing on medical equipment. When working in the cleanroom, Pad Printing Technology’s employees wear Tyvex coats and hairnets as well as gloves and boots for further cleanliness.

Pad Printing Technology aims to work alongside their customers to create specific supplier quality plans that outline the entire printing process covering areas that include in-process and final inspection stages for each medical device printing project for customer satisfaction.

In addition to providing printing for the medical industry, the Florida company can also work on printing projects for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial molding industries when required.

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