How Does Academic Editing Help To Improve Essay?

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( — March 9, 2021) — Paper writing is an essential element of working towards any college and university degree. And, whereas students accustomed to it and even developed their strategies for effective writing, the importance of editing is often overlooked. Today, we are going to explain why you should never skip editing of your essays and how editing can actually enhance your writing abilities.

Students who are short of time to self-edit may benefit from a professional academic editor. In fact, hiring an online college essay editor is a winning strategy provided that you find the creditworthy academic editing services. Such professional services assign a native English expert to edit your assignment text. They polish the grammar, punctuation, style, flow, and formatting of your paper online.

How can an essay assistant improve your papers?

College essay editing assistance provided by academic professionals of service website can streamline your learning process in many ways. Below, we’ve summarized the main of them. Moreover, such services can also assist with writing of your college essays in case you find the assignment tough or unengaging.

  • They boost your grades. Tutors and instructors may give you a lower grade if they spot poor grammar, incorrect punctuation, stylistic issues, and more. Professional editors clean up your essay document from any shortcomings while proofreading it, thus enabling you to score higher.
  • They save time. Academic curriculums are often demanding, and students find it challenging to keep up. A professional English editor can both save you time and assist with the improvement of your texts.  
  • They refine your message. As you submit the paper to the instructor or present it in class, you want to showcase a well-structured, consistent message that flows logically. An editor from online service ensures that each sentence makes sense, contributes to your general idea and is easy for the audience to understand.
  • They help you become a better writer. When you edit your own work, you may keep making the same mistakes in writing without realizing it. An external perspective and assistance is priceless in this regard. An expert editor will point out the mistakes they’ve corrected so that you could avoid them and compose better papers in the future.

Academic editing tips to improve your college writing

Effective editing is more than plain correction of minor mistakes. It is aimed at improving all aspects of your prose, making it coherent and informative for the reader. Here are the steps you can take right now to clean up and enrich your writing:

  • Follow the ‘one idea per paragraph’ rule. Each paragraph in your essay should contain one major point. In other words, you need to define the controlling idea and then expand it. Then, use the transition to go to the next paragraph containing another idea.
  • Break down long sentences and paragraphs. To improve readability and improve understanding, use shorter sentences. Writers recommend that you keep them to 2-3 clauses. Similarly, if the paragraph takes more than 3-4 sentences, it’ll be of service to change its structure and reorganize the paper content.
  • Avoid the repetition of words. The same words repeated in each sentence make your writing monotonous and dull. Use thesaurus to choose synonyms and enrich your vocabulary. Similarly, vary the connecting words – alternate ‘also’ with ‘moreover’, ‘additionally’, etc.
  • Use the spell checker wisely. An online spell checking website is indispensable when it comes to spotting minor mistakes, typos, and punctuation misuse. It will ease the process of spotting and fixing shortcomings. However, don’t rely on software completely – online tools cannot indicate homophones, or may confuse proper names.
  • Read the text aloud. It may seem confusing to you at first. Yet, when you pronounce sentence by sentence, you’ll easily find incomplete phrases and sentences, awkward word choice, and similar issues. Therefore, you will improve the flow and readability of your prose.
  • Limit the use of passive voice. The active voice strengthens your prose, makes it clearer and more direct. Although the use of passive voice is not incorrect, it’s better to minimize it in order to make a stronger impact on the reader.
  • Work on wordiness. Wordiness means lots of words when a few will suffice, and makes your paper sound fluffy. Check the paper content for the repetition of ideas and thoughts and remove them. Pay attention to long sentences – maybe, it’s possible to rewrite them using fewer words? Create an outline to check the flow of ideas and thoughts and remove irrelevant information.
  • Format according to your style guide. In most cases, professors ask to format papers in APA, MLA or Harvard citation style. So, learn the rules for formatting citations, references and bibliography lists. Otherwise, your paper may be rejected or you’ll receive a lower grade.
  • Find a third person to proofread it. When you’ve completed editing, ask someone to check it one more time for a better result. You can turn to a trusted friend or, what is better, to a professional editor. They will review your piece with the fresh eye and spot shortcomings and mistakes you have overlooked. In case with an expert editor, they’ll provide valuable suggestions to improve your writing in general.