Common Business Problems Time Management Optimization Mentor Guide Released

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Dr. Scott Colonna has released a guide designed to identify common sources of stress for business owners. The coach provides solutions that aim to benefit readers personally and professionally.

Business coach and public speaker Dr. Scott Colonna has released a new guide on his website, aiming to support small business owners by identifying and providing solutions for common concerns.

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The newly released guide, titled ‘3 Things That Keep Business Owners Up At Night’, addresses frequent sources of anxiety for small business owners before proposing strategies that can solve their problems while helping them to focus on what’s important.

According to the guide, surveys suggest that cash flow is the largest area of concern for small business owners. The various complexities of the process include the handling of inventories, invoicing, profit generation, account payments, and other issues ranging from tax to payroll.

To assist with these issues, the guide explains how small business owners can benefit from proper credit line management. It also recommends that accountants should be chosen based on their specific expertise as suited to relevant industries.

The guide states that another significant reason for stress among small business owners is the struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Dr. Scott Colonna points to time management with the help of a calendar or planner as an essential tactic for productivity as well as defining limits in the workday. This in turn allows business owners to enjoy their personal time for recreation and family commitments.

Among other solutions, the guide suggests that the support of a mentor can benefit small business owners immensely. Such relationships can provide help in establishing discipline and boundaries with added guidance and motivation.

Further, the guide identifies the hiring and overseeing of staff as key elements that can prove troublesome. Through his new guide, Dr. Scott Colonna emphasizes the importance of continuous training for employees and team members. He cautions that without being provided with an environment whereby they can repeat and apply learned techniques, they are likely to quickly forget their training.

The guide states: “Training reinforcement is a series of small lessons or learning activities that support a core concept or skill. By having the ability to repeat the skills learned, employees will not only remember more, but they will also be more likely to apply it to their every day work.”

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