Virtual Keynote Speaker Climbs and Speaks from Literal Mountaintops

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Virtual keynote speaker John Beede climbs mountains and streams his motivational speeches from their summits as a service for meeting planners and online event planners who want to fight zoom fatigue and take their virtual summits to the next level.

With Zoom fatigue on the rise, this virtual keynote speaker has found a way to liven things up. He’s taking online events to ‘the next level’ by giving his motivational speeches from the tops of literal mountains.

Motivational speaker John Beede, an Everest climber and ‘7 Summits’ mountaineer, has ditched artificial backdrops and instead, he’s offering event planners and PR teams the chance to hire him to give custom keynote speeches from the mountaintop of their choice.

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The visually stunning presentations meet the increasing demand for powerful and exciting zoom meetings, keynote speeches and virtual conferences around the country.

With many businesses working remotely, virtual events have become the norm and it has led to a stagnant feel with meetings. For CEOs looking to increase excitement and engagement, virtual events can be made more interesting with John Beede’s new ‘mountaintop keynote’ service.

Interested parties just have to contact John to discuss their event, and he will craft a custom speech designed for maximum engagement and inspiration.

John is a mountaineer who teaches the resilience, leadership, and goal-setting lessons he learned while he climbed earth’s tallest mountains. When live events were banned, he sought to increase engagement in a novel way. That’s when he had the idea to keep climbing mountains and use a cutting-edge technology to record and broadcast his motivational speeches.

He implements an autonomous drone with AI functionality, a 360 camera, and a premium microphone. This setup provides a high-quality and professional feel that disrupts Zoom fatigue.

By making mountains his stage, John Beede is offering a truly unique experience for businesses. He provides virtual keynote speaker solutions for businesses in any niche.

Whether companies want to inspire their staff, get across an important message, or create a more exciting feel for their event, they can rely on John Beede to help.

For business clients, the process is simple. They just have to get in touch to tell John their virtual event’s goals, and he will design a talk based on the aims of the event.

Once the event has been booked, John will climb a mountain and film the keynote from the location. Using his 360-degree camera tracking ability, he can deliver a unique motivational keynote experience that clients haven’t witnessed before.

John states: “Now, instead of fake zoom backgrounds and slide decks, a real-life mountaintop becomes the virtual ‘stage’ for my clients. Of course, I also show up at their live event to share the jaw-dropping, polished and edited keynote footage and share more hard-hitting tools for resilience, drive, and motivation.”

Beede invites virtual meeting planners to schedule a call in order to make their your “virtual summit(s) a true high-altitude experience.”

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