Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your Workplace

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( — March 12, 2021) — Pests control is essential for every workplace. Clients and potential customers can be easily turned off by the sighting of a pesky pest. It is therefore essential that you take serious steps to curb the spread and existence of these pests.

Pests may prove hard to eliminate, whether you choose the natural way of elimination or the synthetic way, proper channels should be followed. The workplace offers challenges especially when trying to control pests on your own. 

You spend at least 8 hours a day at work and some of your actions could potentially lead to a pest infestation. Here are some mistakes you make at the office:

  • Taking lunch at the desk while working or the constant eating of snacks means spillage of food crumbs all around the office furniture, floor, and desk. This will attract ants and cockroaches to your working area. 
  • Most employees tend to have the habit of leaving drinks unsealed. Moist from drinks not cleared and undisposed can attract sugar ants. 
  • Improper disposal of waste could lead to an infestation. Disposing of leftover foods and drinks into the waste bin in your office and not emptying the bins constantly could lead to an infestation of pests in search of food. 
  • Regular maintenance of the facility could significantly reduce the risk factors associated with pest infestations.  An old building should be properly checked as holes and pipe leaks could provide the perfect breeding grounds for these pests. 

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid it’s best we cover the best tips to keep the pest away from the workplace. Also, you can hire experts like to remove the pests from your workplace.

Have a clean working environment

Wipe off spills especially from sugary substances. The workspace should be kept clean and any spills should be wiped off immediately. Observe proper sanitation and regularly take the trash out if you constantly dump food items.  

Keep exterior clean

If your workplace has a large garden space or parking area, do not assume these places during regular maintenance. Pests can find homes in these areas if they are not properly maintained. There is always an option to hire professionals at least once a year to get this done effectively. 

Reduce the clutter in the workplace 

Most workplaces have storage areas and warehouses for items that have no immediate use. Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, bugs, mites, and many more can hide in these areas. Ensure that you regularly clean and spray to prevent a major pest infestation. 

Designate eating areas 

Eating in the office in a workplace is not very ethical. At least ensure that there is a dining area where most employees go to eat. This makes it easier to clean the food leftovers. In the instances where a separate dining area is impossible try imposing self-discipline on employees and encourage them to avoid taking food at their work stations. 

Plumbing maintenance 

The best way to get rid of pests is to find their breeding and hiding areas. These places often include ceilings and plumbing behind the walls where accessibility is limited. If you are facing a rapidly increasing pest infestation you should consider checking these places out as they offer the perfect breeding grounds for these pests.

Introduce proper waste management 

Proper waste management should be kept in place to complement the regular cleaning and maintenance. Encourage the employees to practice proper waste disposal, hygiene, and sanitation. This will make pest control easier. 

Keep cooling systems and ventilations clean

Ventilation systems are also prone to infestations. Following the proper ventilation maintenance and scheduled air conditioning ensures the clogs and hidden leaks that attract these pests are properly cleaned. 

Keep the bathrooms and kitchen clean 

You want to avoid having a bad reputation among your customers and clients. Nobody wants to see a mouse when they walk into a bathroom. Any sighting of these pests could negatively affect your business. Ensure that you regularly clean the kitchen and bathroom. 

These tips will help curb or prevent a pest infestation, but sometimes these pests may just seem not to go away due to one reason or another. Most people tend to get frustrated by the recurrence of these pests and you should seek professional guidance when these tips fail to work for you.