VikingTelecomSolutions Access Control & Emergency Phone Launched

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VikingTelecomSolutions based Viking Electronics, manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications-based security systems, have launched a new range of building access control products.

Electronic security and communication specialists, VikingTelecomSolutions, have launched a range of Access Control & Emergency Phone systems providing a variety of building access control solutions.

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The recently launched products expand on the company’s telecommunication security solutions.

‘Access-control’ is a term commonly used in reference to electronic systems that control access to buildings or different areas within buildings. Where traditional mechanical locks require a key, access-control systems utilize an electronic key that can be applied to multiple entry/exit points. Electronic keys can range from pin-codes, to cards or biometric options such as finger-print or iris scanners.

The recently launched range from Viking Electronics covers a variety of applications including residential apartments and small businesses. The range includes keyless proximity detectors and phone-entry systems, or a combination of both.

An electronic access-control system always operates in conjunction with an electric locking mechanism. When the system detects the correct key, the lock is released. Phone-entry systems are well-suited to apartments or offices and involve a call-panel at the front entrance that a visitor uses to contact the occupants. The people inside can then grant entry to the visitor without the need to physically approach the front door, which may be some distance away.

The systems announced by Viking Electronics can be traditionally wired, or IP-based. Traditionally wired systems involve the direct connection of an access control door to the room where a person grants access. IP-based systems operate through telecommunication networks and afford a greater degree of flexibility. They are particularly useful in existing buildings, where the installation of new wiring could be difficult and costly.

Owing to advances in technology and reductions in price, access control systems have become commonplace in many modern buildings and almost essential for condominium-style developments. VikingTelecomSolutions’ new range of products offer a variety of options for those considering such a system.

VikingTelecomSolutions also supply a range of emergency phones, paging systems and mass notification systems. The company is 100% US owned and offers installation services. Details on home-entry systems can be found at

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