Sales Pipeline Automation Software AI LinkedIn Outreach Campaign Solution Launch

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A Colorado sales technology specialist has updated its offerings with an AI-powered solution for sales teams, enabling them to reach more prospects through advanced outreach features., a Colorado artificial intelligence (AI) technology firm, has updated its services with an automated pipeline solution designed to generate more leads.

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With the announcement, the company aims to provide clients with a system that can automate nearly 75% of a sales representative’s tasks. This benefits entire sales and business development teams as it enables them to focus on higher-value activities.

It works by enhancing one’s social outreach campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn through automated prospecting campaigns that operate around the clock.

Each campaign can potentially generate an average of 1,000 new leads; 3,000 calls, emails, and LinkedIn activities; and 25,000 marketing impressions monthly.

These figures are 10 times higher than the ROI of entry-level sales and business development representatives, according to company estimates.

The ScaleX platform lets users decide how many profiles they want to visit and invite daily. It also allows them to personalize messages to improve the response rate.

ScaleX can automatically send these messages and invites to profiles the user had previously engaged with. Afterward, it will monitor responses to prevent unnecessary follow-ups.

The company explained that the platform does its outreach in a way that mimics human behavior to avoid getting flagged.

Users can monitor the progress of their campaigns through a dashboard that shows them the number of profile views, sequences, accepted invites, and other details.

Furthermore, users who want to gain the attention of decision-makers can leverage the system’s high-level networking capabilities. The platform’s AI allows it to deliver warm introductions to C-level executives at scale.

According to the company, warm introductions are essential as traditional ways of getting in touch with top executives are declining in their effectiveness.

The system is aimed at corporations that want to enhance the productivity of their in-house sales teams and smaller businesses that are unable to employ full-time sales professionals.

“Businesses that are still sending canned invitations or checking profiles in the hope that they’ll receive a visit back are sabotaging their sales,” a company spokesperson said. “What we offer them is a one-stop solution that does all the prospecting, so they can do more selling.”

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