Abaca Fiber Face Mask Eco Friendly PPE Facial Protection Covering Launched

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An Abaca fiber face mask collection is available at Quan Jewelry. The masks are durable, flexible, and biodegradable. They have been created to be an eco-friendly alternative to single-use masks.

Quan Jewelry, an online store that supplies keepsake necklaces and other jewelry items for special occasions, has launched an Abaca Face Mask collection.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://quanjewelry.com/collections/abaca-face-mask-collection

The recently launched face mask collection features 11 different varieties of reusable face masks that are made with Abaca fabric. The fabric is a traditional fabric made from fibers that are found in wild banana trees on Mindanao Island in The Philippines. The all-natural fibers are knotted together and weaved into a fabric to create a durable and reusable face covering for use during the pandemic.

Abaca fiber is the strongest natural fiber. It is flexible, very durable, resistant to saltwater damage, and biodegradable. The company explains that Abaca masks are more expensive than standard surgical masks because they are environmentally friendly and have been created to reduce plastic waste and keep oceans clean and free from discarded single-use face coverings.

Some of the masks include flags, popular words, and cultural references from different countries around the world. Included in the launch are the Wera Italy face mask, Lesha Spain face mask, Zelie Thailand face mask, the McKenna Maldives face mask, and other varieties.

The inside of each mask features an inspirational quote. The company have included this to help people embrace the new normal and keep positive during the current challenges. All of the masks have been handmade by a member of the team and do not swell or lose their strength when exposed to water.

Interested parties can visit the company’s website to pre-order the item and should allow five to six weeks for order fulfillment. The masks are available for $23.95 and customers can qualify for complimentary shipping by using the code RESERVEFORME at the checkout.

Quan Jewelry is an online store that provides handmade keepsake jewelry items, such as necklaces and pendants for special occasions. They have recently extended their product range with a collection of face masks. Their mission is to inspire people to celebrate special moments in life with gifts that are truly unique.

For more information on Quan Jewelry and the launch of their Abaca Face Mask collection visit https://quanjewelry.com/collections/abaca-face-mask-collection