NY Virtual Co-op & Condo Online Event Announced for Prop Managers & Board Member

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CooperatorEvents announces an online virtual event for New York co-op & condo property managers & board members, which will allow them to attend webinars, meet exhibitors & network with industry peers remotely.

CooperatorEvents, an organizer of trade shows for building services professionals, property managers and board members has announced the launch of its New York Virtual Expo. The digital event will be held online on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, from 10 am to 4 pm (EST).

More information is available at https://nyc.yrexpos.com

With the announcement, the group aims to provide local market professionals with an online venue where they can establish connections, be introduced to new products and services, and gain new insights from industry leaders.

This is a free event that is accessible to anyone with a computer or laptop.

After registering on the organizer’s website, one will receive a clickable link that will be activated on the day of the event. This link will also give unlimited access to the trade show’s various offerings.

According to CooperatorEvents, it will bring online the same level of dynamics experienced in its in-person events. The custom virtual environment it created enables one to “walk” around, interact with other participants, and view webinars.

The event will feature a dozen free webinars (seminars) given by industry thought leaders.

The digitally-rendered environment allows attendees to click on the various activities and booths of exhibitors. Attendees can also join contests and receive giveaways.

“We wanted to give our attendees an experience that’s familiar, but that also takes advantage of the convenience, flexibility, and versatility of an online format over an on-site event,” an event spokesperson said.

He further stated that those used to live conferences should not worry as the virtual setting also gives a significant level of convenience and flexibility. This is because one can participate at one’s pace, leaving and entering the event whenever they need to.

“They can go anywhere in the virtual exhibit hall almost instantaneously, and pop in and out whenever something of interest to them is going on,” the spokesperson explained.

In addition, the new setting solves several logistical issues associated with live shows like coordination and equipment set-up, which allows the organizers to feature more learning activities.

The New York Virtual Expo is recommended for industry professionals, including board members, property managers and shareholders, HOA officers, apartment building owners, real estate professionals, and service providers.

Additional details about the event and its offerings can be found at https://nyc.yrexpos.com