Sacramento CA Hardwood Floor Repair And Restoration Expert Service Launched

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On Point Flooring, a leading Sacramento, CA-area flooring company, has updated its range of floor repair and restoration solutions for homes and businesses.

Sacramento, CA-based flooring company On Point Flooring has launched its updated range of floor repair and restoration solutions for residential and commercial clients. The company serves homes and businesses in El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, and the surrounding area.

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This update ensures the company is now better equipped to help clients restore their home flooring to its initial look and feel. The expert technicians at On Point Flooring diligently work to repair hardwood floor scratches, burn marks, water damage, warped tile or hardwood, worn or stained carpet, and cracked ceramic tile.

The team draws from its over 60 years of industry experience to provide high-quality, reliable flooring services for home and business clients in the Sacramento area.

On Point Flooring also provides its clients with a wide range of flooring solutions, including flooring installations, custom staining, carpeting, floor engineering, staircase refinishing and installation and prefinished flooring.

The Sacramento flooring experts, in addition, specialize in a variety of flooring materials, including natural hardwood, engineered hardwood, floating, glue-down, and laminate flooring, which ensures it can meet clients’ individual design and budgetary concerns.

The company also installs vinyl flooring, which has become a popular type of flooring solution for homeowners in the last few decades due to its versatility and low maintenance. Vinyl flooring can realistically mimic the look of real natural materials, including wood, stone, ceramic tiles, among others, and typically costs a fraction of what these natural materials costs. In addition, it is easy to install, comes in an array of colors, and can be used in different areas of the home.

On Point Flooring can also provide waterproof core flooring (WPC) to help clients permanently resolve water damage challenges. This flooring solution comprises four layers, including the backing layer, WPC core, printed vinyl layer, and the wear layer.

The company stated that its quality flooring solutions could help clients add value to their homes, especially if they are going on the market.

A satisfied client said: “Great experience with everyone at On Point Flooring from initial assessment to installation of 2400 square feet of LVP. Jerry and Seth (aka the A-team) were prompt at 8 am each morning, professional, efficient, and all-around really great guys. Jerry’s playlist is eclectic and extensive, which made for a unique daily experience. Highly Recommended.”

Interested parties can visit to learn more or call On Point Flooring at +1-916-542-3333 to schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation.