Interesting Study Finds Yoga a Strong Immunity-Boosting Activity

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( — March 30, 2021) Orlando, FL — Maintaining a strong immunity is considered to be an important step to survive this pandemic.

Worldwide, people follow mandatory lockdowns or restrictions and are suffering from the consequences of the economic hardship brought by this health crisis. Health authorities continue to stress the importance of wearing a mask as well as following other safety protocol.

They also warn against having a poor immune system, which can make it easier for Covid-19 to produce life-threatening impacts on the body. Aside from following a healthy diet, it is also important to engage in regular exercise.

One of the best activities to improve the immune system is engaging in yoga, which has long been researched on due to its disease-fighting potentials.

A study was carried out and published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 

In this research, the investigators found that practicing yoga is helpful in boosting the immune system. It has particularly stressed the anti-inflammatory benefits of this activity that impact the body’s defenses. 

This study collectively reviewed 15 randomized controlled trials, which examined whether regular yoga posture practices strengthens immunity and lessens chronic inflammation. 

The investigators looked into the immune system response through measuring blood or saliva levels of circulating pro-inflammatory markers. These particularly include cytokines, which is a protein called C-reactive protein (CRP), as well as immune cell counts, antibodies, and markers of gene expression in immune cells. 

They found that this relaxing activity lessens pro-inflammatory markers, and the strongest evidence was for the reduction of a cytokine called IL-1beta. There are actually many other studies exhibiting the anti-inflammatory benefits of yoga. 

One found that this relaxing exercise has increased the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-10. 

What makes this activity even more beneficial is that it could mediate inflammation at the genomic level. This alters levels of proteins controlling the DNA transcription of pro-inflammatory cytokine genes.

This is just one of the studies that looked into the immunity-boosting benefits of yoga. There are actually many other remedies found helpful in maintaining the body’s defenses, and these include the use of some supplements.

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