Experts Now Warn Against the Adverse Effects of Some Widely-Used Diabetes Drugs

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( — March 30, 2021) Orlando, FL — It is undeniable that diabetes continues to stay prevalent in many areas around the globe. While the use of some medications is necessary for diabetes control, it is worth realizing that they may produce some side effects.

According to experts, it is essential for sufferers of diabetes to learn about how some side effects could affect them. It is worth realizing that the side effects may vary from one pharmaceutical drug to another.

It has been found that the use of certain diabetes medications result in upset stomach, low blood sugar, weight gain, or skin rash. There are those that lead to kidney complications, exhaustion, metal taste, and dizziness.

In some studies, certain diabetes drugs could increase the risk of liver disease and anemia as well as cause weight gain and swelling of the ankles or legs.

Scientists continue to investigate the ways to manage the condition better with the reduced need to use the medications. While more studies are still underway, it is important to remember that some dietary and lifestyle modifications have been found extremely beneficial for diabetes control.

Individuals who want to use some natural remedies to manage diabetes better and regulate blood sugar may consider the use of rhodiola rosea.

Evidence suggests that this therapeutic ingredient may be beneficial for individuals with blood sugar problems, diabetes, or hyperglycemia. 

It may be particularly beneficial for individuals with constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels due to excessive intake of carbs or sweets.  

It is important to remember that blood sugar fluctuations have long been found to result in dehydration, hyperglycemia, and exhaustion. Once blood sugar levels crash, it halts the proper functioning of the mitochondria. 

According to experts, this can result in excess free radicals. All of these may be prevented through the help of rhodiola.

A study involving a 12-week use of rhodiola and cinnamon supplement reveals the treatment led to a reduction in the blood glucose (sugar) levels in diabetic mice. 

This has led the researchers to suggest that rhodiola may be useful in correcting hyperglycemia and preventing diabetic complications. It even has an active compound called rosavin that reduces blood sugar levels.

It is worth mentioning rhodiola Rosea has adaptogenic, anti-stress, cardioprotective, antioxidant, anticarcionogenic, neuroendocrine, hepatoprotective, Monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) inhibitory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

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