Couples Relationship Consolidation Card Game For Meaningful Connections Launched

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A new question-based card game has been released, giving friends and couples the opportunity to deepen their connection through meaningful, thought-provoking conversation. It was developed in collaboration with three leading stand-up comedians, so enjoyment with lots of smiles is guaranteed.

Cards With A Kick has announced the release of 66, a new portable card game designed to spark interesting conversations and to deepen friendships and romantic relationships. 66 contains a mix of thoughtful and amusing questions, giving players the opportunity to delve deeper into their relationships while having fun.

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The new game aims to provide friends, couples, or even new acquaintances with a fun tool to get to know each other better and create meaningful connections.

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way people can socialize in person, it is more important than ever to find creative ways to rekindle and deepen social connections.

The deck of cards provides questions and creative prompts to guide players in conversation. 66 is very simple to use straight out of the box.

Developed in collaboration with three leading stand-up comedians, 66 enables players to deepen their connection by inspiring a light-hearted, genuine conversation. The game injects a fun, playful, and cozy vibe, where every question is a thriller and helps players to discover how well they really know each other.

66 is printed on thick, high-quality cards, and it is packaged in a compact box that makes it ideal for traveling or taking along to gatherings. It can be used as an ice-breaker game for nights out, picnics, and parties, or simply to provide entertainment during family gatherings, long flights, or for days at home.

The game is extremely versatile, and it can accommodate between 2 and 66 players. After shuffling the deck, players simply take turns drawing a card and reading the question out loud so that others can answer.

The launch of 66 is the perfect opportunity to prioritize relationships amid a busy daily life. The game provides those seeking more quality time with their partners or friends a fun, accessible way to reconnect.

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A satisfied customer said: “This game sparks some great conversation and responses. We played as a couple and we couldn’t control our laughter. The great part of this game is that we were able to play it over a zoom call with friends and the results were awesome. If you are looking for a great activity for a night with close ones give this game a try.”

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