Long Island Outdoor Decor Garden Furniture Collection For Lawns Launched

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Long Island company Decor This has launched a garden collection on its online store. The collection includes bird feeders, garden statues, planters, and more.

Decor This, a company based in Long Island that supplies timeless and durable decorative items for homes and gardens, has launched an outdoor decor and furniture collection.

More information about the launch can be found by visiting https://www.decorthis.com/outdoors

The launch features a collection of stylish contemporary decorative options for the outdoors. The company says choosing items from this collection can help individuals give their garden and yard spaces a personalized look and feel, creating an outdoor area in which they will enjoy spending time.

A number of decorative pieces are included in the collection, such as garden statues, wind chimes, bird feeders, and stakes. Other pieces such as wind spinners, stepping stones, and path lights can be used to decorate lawns. The planter selection includes several elegant, quirky, and timeless designs that are available in metal, wood, ceramic, and other materials. Customers can choose between one-, two-, and three-pot planters, as well as corner plant stands.

Visit http://www.decorthis.com for more information.

The collection includes a wide range of outdoor statues representing garden gnomes, mythical creatures, luck symbols, and animals such as lions, squirrels, frogs, rabbits, owls, hedgehogs, and more.

Customers can also purchase high-quality garden furniture from the Long Island store. The collection includes benches, hammocks, and outdoor folding tables, as well as garden tables, chairs, and patio sets. These sets are available in a variety of sizes in metal and wood.

Some of the most popular items in the collection include the five-foot wooden outdoor bridge, the three-tier barrel bucket stand, the bicycle plant stand, the flamboyant flamingo stakes, and the bicycle planter.

Decor This is a company based in Suffolk County, NY that provides decorative pieces for homes and gardens. They have a broad selection of decor for bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and gardens. They stock products from several leading American brands including Time Keeper, American Crafts, Prestige, Galaxy, Dragon Crest, and Nikki Chu.

For more information about Decor This and the launch of their outdoor decor and garden furniture collection visit https://www.decorthis.com/outdoors