St Petersburg FL Marriage Counseling Sessions For Relationship Issues Launched

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Sunshine City Counseling offers marriage counseling for couples in St. Petersburg, FL, who want to overcome relationship problems, improve empathy and communication, and become a team again.

Sunshine City Counseling, an individual and couples counseling practice in St. Petersburg, FL, offers marriage therapy services for clients who would like to improve communication and rebuild trust in their relationship.

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The marriage therapy services focus on the couple as the client, helping them learn more effective ways to communicate, to interact, and to listen to and meet one another emotionally.

Surveys show that most couples wait an average of six years after issues start to arise in their relationship before going to couples counseling. At the same time, couples therapy has high success rates. Treatment received from a trained marriage therapist has positive results for 70% of couples.

Sunshine City Counseling offers marriage therapy not only to married couples, but all couples who are in a committed relationship – seriously dating, engaged, or even on the verge of divorce. In order for couples counseling to work, both partners need to be open to change.

Amy Fort, the marriage and couples therapist at Sunshine City Counseling, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who loves working with couples who feel stuck or frustrated.

“Most people have little difficulty identifying what their partner is doing wrong that needs to change, but it’s much harder to identify what they bring to the relationship that maintains conflict,” said Amy Fort.

Relationship counseling helps partners become aware of their dysfunctional relationship patterns, change the destructive behaviors, improve communication, improve empathy, learn to speak more openly about emotions, and become a team again. Sunshine City Counseling also offers online marriage therapy making it incredibly convenient to start.

With a team of 9 counselors, Sunshine City Counseling helps its clients overcome a variety of problems, such as codependency, depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. The center also offers individual therapy, child therapy and teen counseling, and LGBTQ+ counseling.

“The team of therapists at Sunshine City Counseling have knowledge and experience about a myriad of topics and issues related to mental health and overall wellbeing,” said a satisfied client. “They use their expertise to serve both their individual clients as well as the community.”

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