Navigating Workplace Gender Bias – The Magic Interpersonal Skill to Stop Bias

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Gender Bias Navigation session conducted by unconscious bias navigation expert, Buki Mosaku on 21st April. Buki provides skills for navigating unconscious or subtle gender bias in the workplace.

DiverseCity Think Tank announces a public Lunch and Learn session conducted by its founder and bias navigation expert, Buki Mosaku. The session will explain why the corporate training model of Guilty Perpetrator v Hapless Victim is counterproductive. It is scheduled for the 21st of April and will be hosted by the Founder / President of ShowMe50, a non-profit whose vision is to enable women to occupy 50% of the senior leadership positions across America.

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With the announcement of this event, this firm aims to educate the public about the inefficiency of the Guilty Perpetrator v Hapless Victim training model. This session will give participants a better model with which to understand and overcome unconscious gender bias.

Bias Navigation and Sales Training Expert Buki Mosaku has devised a five-step plan to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace. Buki has personally trained and observed 50,000+ professionals across the world over a period of 20 years. This experience has enabled him to develop a methodology that can be found in his latest book ‘I Don’t Understand?’- A practical guide to navigating bias in the workplace’.

Buki’s IDU? methodology equips both the traditional and non-traditional subjects of unconscious bias, with interpersonal skills to navigate the inevitability of bias; such as clarifying, redirecting, and negating negativity. Before participating in unconscious bias-related training and interventions, Buki stresses the importance of the right mindset. This is achieved by corporates setting goals and clear-cut bias navigation objectives that will lead an organization to gender equality success.

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Buki defines the steps that need to be taken to implement strategies and equip work teams with the skills to navigate bias ills. He encourages ‘developmental enquiry’ to resolve both unconscious ‘directional’ and ‘reverse’ bias.

ShowMe50 provides essential resources to guide employees to become catalysts of inclusivity at the workplace. Their Ambassador Program is designed to motivate employees to act on workplace bias and provide the needed skill to counter bias.

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