Zionsville IN Eldercare Caregiving Support Service Launched

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Indiana-based Eldercare caregiving support CAREbyChristie has released a new step by step roadmap for eldercare, which supports family members and caregivers with steps to increase care at home – through all of the final steps of a loved one’s journey including end of life planning.

CAREbyChristie, an eldercare firm headed by Christie Freeze based in Zionsville, Indiana, has culminated its decade-long experience in the eldercare field with the development of its Roadmap for Eldercare. This roadmap establishes a universal system and protocol for fellow caregivers and families who are facing the difficult steps and choices that can arise with the increased care needs of a loved one.

More details can be found at https://carebychristie.com

The launch coincides with the continuation of the global pandemic in 2021, which has continued to present difficulties for elderly care and has reminded many Americans of the fragility of health and happiness in these golden years.

As such, CAREbyChristie’s new plan begins with options for how to safely and healthily remain home during this difficult time and then takes users through all of the final steps of a loved one’s journey including end of life planning.

The roadmap, called Roadmap for Eldercare – An A-Z Guide for Eldercare, has been developed to empower family members and care givers by presenting all of the options available in a wide array of later life scenarios and situations.

Acknowledging the high rate of burn out for people who are working in the family caregiver role, the roadmap also helps to connect users to resources and support networks, whilst equipping them with practical tools they can utilize in the face of any caregiving challenge.

She offers full eldercare and consultancy services developed specifically for caregivers and their families, as well as, an adaptable and easily personalized CAREbyChristie’s roadmap for Eldercare designed to be used in a Do It Yourself manner.

Christie Freeze has worked in eldercare for nearly a decade and has helped nearly 4,500 families through the tough decisions that must be made regarding final care. Her CAREbyChristie roadmap has been developed based on these experiences and her desire to assist caregivers and family members who often have very little access to external support, advice and information.

CAREbyChristie works widely with individual patients, families and other organizations in the eldercare industry. Jessie Hillock, the owner of The Memory Compass: Therapy & Dementia Family Coaching, said of her work, “Christie Freeze of CAREbyChristie is not only a true gift to families navigating the elder space, but her services also are the missing link caregivers are seeking when experiencing burnout or struggling with their self identity in their caregiver role.”

She continued, “Christie provides a welcoming and safe place for caregivers to become CareGETTERS. I am so blessed to have experience working alongside Christie with mutual clients and witnessing her passion for becoming the personal cheerleader that CareGETTERS deserve.”

Family members and caregivers looking for more information about this roadmap can visit https://carebychristie.com