Short Guided Meditations For Stress Anxiety And Negativity Relief Launched

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A newly launched guided meditation program has been launched by Living A Great Life to help listeners reduce anxiety and find inner peace and welcome happiness into their life.

Living A Great Life has released a guided meditation program for anyone seeking to escape unwanted stress and develop inner peace. The short, three-minute meditation sessions help users release negativity and refuel their minds in times of anxiety.

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The newly launched meditation program is designed to give listeners a sense of calm and balance, helping them reconnect with their inner self and welcome happiness into their life. The meditation sessions are well suited to those with busy schedules and can be done everywhere – while waiting in a slow line at the drugstore, while commuting, at home, or in the office.

Living A Great Life’s program features 16 guided meditation audios lasting three minutes each, as well as 4 five-minute mindfulness meditations, 3 intentional meditations, and 3 oneness meditations. The 10 additional sessions have a duration of five minutes, ten minutes, and fifteen minutes for a deeper state of meditation without the need for gurus, coaches, or theory guides.

These meditations, particularly mindfulness meditations, are suitable for beginners, as well as for children and teenagers as they can help them eliminate apathy, manage stress, and nourish self-esteem. They could be particularly helpful for children finding it difficult to cope with negative emotions and manage the change in their routines brought about by the pandemic.

Children who are isolated from their friends could be challenged with unfamiliar feelings like uncertainty and fear, making them react more strongly with extreme irritability. Living A Great Life’s mediations could prove the key to helping them process the stress they may be experiencing.

These meditations are also a good way for adults to regain peace and balance to better handle health-related and financial stress in this difficult time. The sessions are also suitable for those seeking to quit their mind and body and may be used as a relaxation technique before bedtime to improve sleep.

Those who order the meditation program will receive as a bonus two videos revealing to viewers how to find the right meditation spot and the right position for meditation.

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