Englewood OH Whole-House Generator Installation/ Maintenance Services Launched

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An Englewood, Ohio electrical contractor announced installation and maintenance services for their high-end whole-house generators. The services provide residential and commercial customers with unlimited supply of electricity.

Garber Electric, an electrical contractor based in Englewood, Ohio announced whole-house generator installation and maintenance services. The company specializes in a full range of electrical services for both residential and commercial properties.

More information can be found at https://www.garberelectric.com/whole-house-generators

The company was founded in 1975 through the requests of neighbors and friends needing electrical work. Since then, Garber Electric has been providing excellent electrical services to the community of Englewood, Dayton, Columbus and the surrounding areas. Their new services provide customers with high-end whole-house generator installation and maintenance.

According to the company’s expert technicians, having a dependable power source has become a necessity. Power outages have become inevitable due to natural disasters and unexpected electrical grid problems. These may cause major disruptions in a person’s life—refrigerated food may get spoiled, work from home employees and students may lose internet connections and those dependent on electrical medical equipment may be severely affected.

Garber Electric offers high-end whole-house generators and installation services to make sure their customers are never out of power. Unlike traditional generators that only deliver 5-10 kilowatts of power, whole-house generators offer at least 10-20 kilowatts. It can power a whole house and retain full functionality for extended periods of time, unlike traditional generators which can only power a few appliances in a home for a few hours.

Furthermore, whole-house generators can be controlled and monitored using any smartphone, is fuel-efficient, more durable than traditional standby generators, and is engineered to run with quiet engines.

Garber Electric’s licensed technicians are experts in whole-house generator installation and maintenance. Their maintenance services include automatic maintenance scheduling, automatic maintenance alerts in the event of problems, priority service, engine verification, genuine OEM oil filters and high-end oil supply and replacement, annual oil and filter change, battery inspection, and a 25-point generator unit check-up.

The company also offers an easy, stress-free loan program to help customers in financing the purchase of whole-house generators and other services.

More information about Garber Electric, their whole-house generator products and electrical services are available over the phone at +1-937-427-0201 or by visiting https://www.garberelectric.com