Palm Beach Luxury Realtors Upscale Oceanfront Homes Listings Updated

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The Goldberg Group’s updated property listings feature upscale oceanfront homes in Palm Beach. The Team specializes in buyer and seller real estate and relocation services in Palm Beach County, FL

Palm Beach luxury Realtors The Goldberg Group a husband and wife team comprised of Michael Goldberg and Ivy Goldberg, announced updated property listings featuring upscale oceanfront homes and premium intracoastal properties. The Power Real Estate Team specializes in finding luxury properties for homebuyers relocating to South Florida.

More information about The Goldberg Group is available at The luxury real estate Team in Palm Beach has featured several premium beachfront properties, oceanfront homes, and vacation getaways on the updated listings. According to a CNBC real estate report, Palm Beach remains the most attractive real estate destination in the country. As wealthy investors, millionaires and billionaires migrate away from higher taxes, colder weather, and urban chaos, Florida has seen increased demand for tranquil oceanfront properties in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Wellington, FL.

The Goldberg Group works closely with affluent buyers and sellers from across the country, creating customized real estate solutions and handling purchases and sales with discretion and confidentiality. Realtors Michael and Ivy Goldberg have represented celebrities, athletes, actors, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, helping them find homes and relocate to South Florida.

Visit for more information about the latest high-value waterfront homes in Palm Beach. The Teams new listings also feature golf and country club properties, luxury condos, gated communities, acre-plus properties, and communities for active seniors.

Luxury home selling experts at The Goldberg Group help Sellers understand buyer expectations, formulate a marketing strategy, and set a competitive price. They also stage a property, plan exclusive viewings, and provide negotiation services. Palm Beach luxury real estate buyer-side services include property search consultations, relocation assistance, and support at every stage of the deal.

According to a spokesperson for the top-rated celebrity luxury Realtor in Palm Beach, “We are excited to work with stars, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals looking to buy and sell upmarket oceanfront properties in Palm Beach. Our expertise ensures a smooth, confidential, and hassle-free customer experience at every stage of the process.”

The Goldberg Group is a luxury real estate Team of the United Realty Group. Founded in 2012, the Team is headed by experienced Realtors Michael and Ivy Goldberg—New York natives with a deep knowledge of the South Florida real estate market.

Call South Florida’s leading luxury Realtors at 561-231-0021 or visit for more information. #BetterThanGOLDberg