Mobile Casino Guide – the Ultimate Mobile Gambling Site for Poles

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( — May 19, 2021) — As much as you will be interested in knowing about online casinos in Poland, the online gambling situation in the country to date remains a grey area. Previously, the Polish Government had restricted all forms of gambling in the land except sports betting.

Even though the move spared the online sector, the free will to invest in the country’s online gambling industry diminished. The international gambling companies on the land were free from government control, allowing free access to the online games. 

The legislation keeps changing, affecting the state of gambling too. Currently, the number of online casinos operating in Poland has decreased tremendously. We linked up with our expert gamer Klara Czerwinska (check profile) to enlighten you on the Polish mobile gambling industry and other vital aspects you need to consider.

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History of gambling in Poland

Poland is among the countries that have a complicated gambling history. Even though gambling got into the country in the earlier years, there is nothing much to count on regarding the milestones made. In 1930, the first Polish casino was established in Soton.

That paved the path for other gambling venues and the rise of various gambling slangs. The number increased rapidly, making the Polish gambling sector rank among the best. There was also free gambling for many gamers considering that there were no strict restrictions yet.

However, things did not remain the same in 1992, when the government opted for legal laws regarding gambling. The laws became active, thus defining the games of chance and sports betting.

That also paved the way for other regulations. Currently, there are approximately 40 land-based casinos in Poland. If you visit the large Polish hotels such as Orbis and Marriott, you won’t miss playing your favorite casino game.

They also have other social amenities that will make your moment enjoyable. As other countries are continuing to get better in the neighboring countries, online casino mobile gambling remains a complicated issue in Poland.

2009 marked other changes in the gambling sector in the country. The gamers could only make sports bets. An alternative option was the national lotteries. Despite the stringent legal measures, the Polish government approved payment methods such as skrill and Neteller in 2014.

Is online gambling allowed in Poland?

It’s transparent that the legality of mobile gambling in Poland has been grey for some time now. Those planning to invest in the Polish gambling market have been hesitant to make a move. The only legal online gambling activity in the previous years has been sports betting.

But recently, there have been positive amendments to the gambling laws that have seen the players access video slots in the online polish casinos.

Despite the notable changes, the Polish government hasn’t done much in legalizing online casinos. Only one casino enjoys state monopoly – Totalizator Sportowy. Fortunately, the international casinos operate in Poland freely, allowing them to offer services such as bingo online gaming and offering gamers a variety.

So, which is the best online casino company?

If you aimed to find a list of Polish casinos, you might be disappointed at this point. That’s because of the legal issues in Poland. You will find lots of information online informing you about the online casinos in the country.

But the reality is that the Polish gambling market is under government regulation. The gambling market is primarily monopolistic, thus closing the opportunities for other gambling companies that plan to venture into it. Also, some online casinos are getting blacklisted, making the gambling space unfavorable.

Are there no options left?

The above information might make you think Poland has no other favorable options if you are an ardent gamer. However, don’t worry because there are better options for you. Most of the casino mobile online sites in Poland are offshore. But they will still offer you the gaming services you need. Consider the following aspects when selecting a suitable casino site.

Research to know about the site

Researching about a new thing is crucial as the information you will get will allow you to know it better. Also, going through review platforms will allow you to know what people say about the platform. That way, you will end up on the right mobile gambling site.

Check on the bonuses

Bonuses are a vital aspect when choosing a casino site. Suppose you join the right site, bonuses that will allow you to explore various games and even choose your favorite. Through them, you will also build on your bankroll without using real money.

As you can see, the future of online gambling in Poland isn’t clear yet. But considering the trends, the government may become reluctant on the gaming rules.