Lanarkshire UK Wood Briquettes For Stoves And Ovens Delivery Service Launched

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Wood delivery service, Wood Logs Scotland, have launched their new eco-friendly Wood Briquettes. The company serves most of Central Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Stirling, Ayrshire, and West Lothian.

Wood Logs Scotland, a wood delivery service company based in Lanarkshire, have launched the delivery of new eco-friendly Wood Briquettes, ideal for wood stoves with air controls, chimeneas, and pizza ovens.

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Wood Logs Scotland released their Wood Briquettes, also known as Eco-Briquettes, in response to the increasing popularity of the relatively new fuel type. Their eco-friendly properties combined with long burn times and high heat production make Wood Briquettes an ideal alternative to ready-to-burn wood logs.

Unlike wood logs, wood briquettes do not emit sparks or spit while burning, and produce zero carbon monoxide.

Their low smoke emission make them an ideal solution for people with DEFRA, or smoke exempt, stoves and those living in smokeless zones.

The Eco-Briquettes are produced by re-purposing pine and spruce sawdust from sawmills, with no additives, glue, nails, or other contaminants. The briquettes are compressed at high pressure and temperatures and formed into their trademark octagonal shape.

The hole running through the centre of the briquettes serves to reduce smoke emission and maximise the temperature and burning time.

The briquettes are specifically designed to burn slowly, with burning times ranging from 1-4 hours depending on the type of appliance and number of bricks being used, air flow, and external temperatures.

While they are an excellent choice for stoves of all sizes, Wood Briquettes are ideal for smaller stoves, chimeneas, and pizza ovens since they do not expand while burning.

Compared to the standard 20% moisture found in ready-to-burn wood logs, Wood Briquettes eontain very low moisture, at 5-6%. They are remarkably resistant to moisture and store very well when kept in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors.

A satisfied customer said, “We always receive great service from Wendy, and have used Wood Logs Scotland for many years. They are reliable and have excellent service and prices. We highly recommend them.”

In light of safety precautions surrounding the pandemic, the company is offering online payment by credit/ debit card, PayPal, and bank transfers. Wood Logs Scotland delivers all of their products directly to the customer, and offer free delivery within 30 miles of Strathaven.

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