Digital Menu For Restaurants and Cafes With Contactless Ordering System Launched

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Menu Mates is a new online service that allows local restaurants and bars to create a digital menu with matching QR code. The company offers a safe dining experience for all.

Menu Mates has been recently launched to help local food businesses develop a digital menu that their customers can access through a customized QR code. The online nationwide service allows food truck operator’s, restaurant and bar owners to better engage with their customers, limit production costs, and create a personalized menu.

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The new service is designed to increase visibility and improve how mom-and-pop restaurants, cafes, and food truck owners interact with their customers. By creating a digital menu with a matching QR code, small restaurants reduce the risk of transmission of communicable disease and offer a more interactive experience with guests.

Current medical data suggest that printed menus, being frequently touched items, can have bacteria counts that are higher than a toilet seat per square centimeter. Experts say that even while most people do not get sick each time they touch a menu, it is better to err on the side of caution and either ask for a digital menu or use gloves when handling a physical menu.

Menu Mates was created to help local restaurants make their menus safer and more engaging to their guests. The company currently has three packages to choose from, each catering to a different need of a local restaurant.

The most recommended option is its Pro package which allows restaurants to accept orders directly from their customer’s mobile phone, have full access to the QR and menu creation tool, and have unlimited views and items in the menu. Clients who choose this package will also have 24/7 dedicated support.

Menu Mates also announces that for a limited time, they will be waiving the Pro monthly fee of $47 if users sign up now. That means that the only thing clients need to pay for is the processing fee of 4.25% plus $1 per order.

Interested customers can scan the QR code located on Menu Mates’ website to see a demo video.

A satisfied client wrote, “No more printing and reprinting for some small mistake in our menu or price change. We love what Menu Mates have provided.”

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