House Drug Contamination Avoidance Tips For Buyers/Landlords Book Released

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Adrian Louis Harris, a 15-year veteran of real estate assessment, has released a book designed to help buyers identify and avoid drug-contaminated properties.

Author Adrian Louis Harris, the owner of Advanced Asset Acquisitions, has announced the release of a book titled “Iced Dream Houses: 8 Things You Should Do To Avoid Buying Drug-Contaminated Properties”. The book helps prospective buyers and occupants ensure that their properties are uncontaminated by drug use.

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While the pandemic may stop buyers and tenants from completing thorough inspections of properties, the book’s release provides a comprehensive guide to purchasing property in periods of limited physical access.

Research shows that cleaning the biohazards left by drug contamination can cost property owners up to $25,000. With Harris’s latest book, prospective buyers can learn to avoid purchasing contaminated properties.

According to the book, authorities rarely reinforce the regulations that are implemented to protect buyers from drug-tainted properties. In many cases, reversing signs of long-term substance exposure falls on investors and occupants. The book explains that properties associated with illegal activities face decreased sales prices, and owners lose money as rental properties are sterilized and fumigated. In rare instances, properties used as drug labs have been demolished.

To prevent these outcomes, Harris highlights the importance of diligent property management. The book states that landlords and managers must look for signs of illegal activity from their tenants during and between rental periods. Additionally, prospective buyers need to test for the presence of harmful substances and other chemical residues before buying.

Harris has over 15 years of experience in property acquisitions and has invested over $70 million into real estate on three continents. The book features first-hand knowledge of property assessment as Harris teaches readers to identify hidden risks.

The latest release reflects Harris’s commitment to providing expert property education to prospective buyers.

A satisfied reader said: “The work that Harris does is unique and saves you money. As a property developer, finding out about potential structural damage due to prior drug use allowed me to save 41% on purchasing properties before demolishing and building from scratch.”

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