Beyond the Paycheck: Candidate Experience Matters Most to Post-COVID Job Seekers

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When it comes to hiring top talent, candidate experience matter now more than ever before. Learn how some of the best hiring teams in Silicon Valley are standing out from the competition to win the best job seekers.

When job seekers have a bad experience during an interview, surveys have shown that they often tell their friends, which can damage the business’ reputation. Time-to-hire, or the total duration of a company’s hiring process, has an important impact on candidate experience, with faster time-to-hire more being positively perceived.

Due to the increase in remote interviewing caused by the pandemic, job candidates have higher expectations, and many companies are losing qualified candidates due to slow or poorly optimized hiring processes. Providing a seamless candidate experience will be essential in the post-pandemic world.

There are many aspects that contribute to a positive candidate experience. A smooth application process, prompt response time, alignment with company values, and thoughtful preparation for the interview process are just a few ways hiring teams can stand out in a positive way to a talented job seeker.

GoodTime offers software solutions in the world of hiring and time management. Their hiring experience solution fully automates the interview scheduling and interviewer training processes while intelligently assigning diverse interview panels, so companies can hire top talent faster. The company aims to help businesses increase the efficiency of their recruiting processes and improve the application experience for candidates.

GoodTime was developed to help companies provide candidates with such an experience. The increased candidate satisfaction offered by the software encourages applicants to complete the recruitment process, which gives recruiters a broader pool of qualified candidates to choose from.

The software allows candidates to self-schedule their interviews, which offers convenience to applicants and makes recruitment resources available for higher level tasks.

The launch of the interview scheduling software reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to making the talent acquisition process easier for both candidates and recruiters. GoodTime integrates with applicant tracking systems and maintains a database of interviewers’ data, which further streamlines the application process.

In addition, the software includes in-depth interviewer training to remove bottlenecks in the hiring process, and it provides real-time analytics to provide valuable insights into recruitment procedures.

Some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley have had success using the software, as a satisfied user said: “GoodTime is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into the hands of candidates, we’ve eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process.”

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