Research Scientists Now Suggest Magnesium Is Vital For Blood Pressure Control

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( — June 2, 2021) Orlando, FL — There are undeniably many individuals with hypertension who rely on the use of pharmaceutical drugs to manage their condition. However, it is worth noting that some macrominerals have been scientifically found to aid in blood pressure control.

In several studies, it has been found that magnesium may be beneficial in reducing blood pressure levels. Those who do not have hypertension yet magnesium use may act as a preventive aid against the condition. 

Research has shown that this macromineral is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from hypertension.

A new meta-analysis of previous research finds that obtaining adequate magnesium may aid in keeping blood pressure under control.

The analysis was published in the Hypertension journal.

The investigators in this study suggest that intake of magnesium supplements successfully reduced blood pressure after three months. It is worth noting that such an improvement wasn’t observed in individuals who did not consume magnesium. 

According to lead author, Dr. Yiqing Song, with its relative safety and low cost, magnesium supplements could be considered as an option for lowering blood pressure in high-risk persons or hypertension patients.

Dr. Yiqing Song is an associate professor of epidemiology at Indiana University.

In this meta-analysis, the investigators looked into 34 studies of over 2,000 patients. It is worth noting that all of these studies were randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

This means that some of the participants in each study were given a placebo instead of magnesium. The dose was 368 mg of magnesium consumed daily for the entire 3-month study duration.

“Our findings support a causal anti-hypertensive effect of [magnesium] supplementation in adults,” the researchers wrote.  

This only means that this macromineral may be helpful in preventing hypertension.

It is worth noting that this macromineral can be obtained from beans, nuts, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. However, there are also supplements available like Divine Bounty Magnesium Citrate.

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This means that magnesium may work wonders in warding off some of the world’s most prevalent and chronic diseases. Today, there are many experts who strongly recommend the use of magnesium for preventive health purposes.

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