Tempe AZ GreenLight Solutions Business Sustainability Student Education Projects

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GreenLight Solutions Foundation, a sustainability non-profit based in Arizona, has launched a series of projects for students and local businesses to collaborate on sustainability initiatives.

GreenLight Solutions Foundation, an educational non-profit organization based in Tempe, Arizona, has launched a series of experiential learning opportunities that partner college students with local businesses to collaborate on sustainability initiatives. The foundation provides students with hands-on experience to be effective sustainability professionals, leading impactful careers making positive environmental change.

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The latest announcement responds to the increasing demand for meaningful applied learning opportunities, particularly in environmental sustainability.

A recent Harvard Business Review study found companies that adopted sustainability practices saw a 16% increase in efficiency over those that did not. To this end, GreenLight Solutions pairs students with local business leaders; students receive experience in leadership and project management, while local businesses benefit from sustainable solutions.

GreenLight Solutions began as a local movement at Arizona State University in January 2013. Since then, the foundation has partnered with over 300 students and 45 businesses to implement more than 55 projects. GreenLight Solutions’ team has also contributed over 29,000 hours of volunteer work. As a result, Ashley Weisman, the foundation’s Executive Director, received the 2021 Sustainable Nonprofit Award in Tempe.

The foundation encourages students to get involved in real-world sustainability work before they leave college. While working on meaningful projects, students receive an excellent relevant experience that increases the value of their resume. The foundation’s alumni claim that GreenLight Solutions is their top talking point in interviews. Local businesses also see the benefits of sustainability, including increased revenue, employee retention, and positive brand reception.

Recent GreenLight Solutions projects include research into sustainable agriculture and irrigation, educating high school students on sustainability and the circular economy, and developing sustainable packaging options for delivery services.

The latest launch reflects the company’s commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities for students interested in sustainability.

In the past eight years, GreenLight Solutions has developed a strong reputation for results; each of its projects advances the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainability Development Goals.

A satisfied partner said: “GreenLight Solutions was a pleasure to work with. I want to thank them for helping our organization understand the impacts of climate change on our infrastructure.”

Interested parties can find more information on GreenLight Solutions Foundation’s opportunities at the link above, or browse their project portfolio by visiting https://glsolutions.org/projects