Spotlight on Some of Canada’s Largest Employers

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( — May 26, 2021) — An efficient employer must appreciate the effort its employees put into making the business successful. Working in a great environment also shows that the employers are willing to cater to their employee’s welfare. If considering working in Canada, it is essential to work in one of the best employers in the country. To do this, it is good to know some vital details about top employers in this country. Here, you will have some spotlights on some of Canada’s largest employers to consider:

Iron Horse Security

This is Canada’s largest security company, founded by robin St Martin in 1994, and has won more awards in Canada and globally than any other security company in CA. It is also the sixth-largest private employer in the Ottawa province. A look at their reviews reveals why. The iron horse has commonly been recognized for its cutting-edge, thought-leading use of technology to help turn the security industry away from the cliché “bullheaded, brutish” image toward a professional, customer service, and technology focused-model. St Martin, CEO of Iron Horse Security stresses the importance of hiring talented, reliable, empathetic people.

Adobe Systems Canada

Adobe Systems Canada is ranked for high-efficiency working conditions. This tech is well known for great innovation worldwide, and the number of employees working for this employer is 302. Employees in this company have the chance to work from their homes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, its employees have funds to cater for their expenses while working from home.

Cisco Systems Canada

The next big company doing well in the software industry is Cisco Systems Canada. This firm has 1906 employees in Canada. It is highly recognized for allowing its employees to run some of the leading charitable events in the company. It also has in-house training programs to enable its employees’ study and continue handling their regular duties.

Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada is also a great place where employees can enjoy a great working environment. With headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, employees can choose to work in other locations within the country. It boasts of employing 1,780 employees on a full-time basis in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Employees can access tuition fees for their work-related studies.

Fidelity Canada

Fidelity Canada is also another fantastic company to work for. It has several full-time workers of 1,165. It appreciates its employees by rewarding different people in the company. If looking for a company to recognize your performance, this is among the companies to choose your career goals. It has significant hiring offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver as well as Calgary.

University of Toronto

In the education sector, the University of Toronto is known for its ability to manage its employees. It has 10,456 employees working in various departments in the university and post-secondary schools. One of the most incredible things about working here is the family-friendly environment programs put in place. It involves adequate maternity cover and health care benefits.


These are only a few of the largest companies to consider working for in Canada. Employees looking for superb work experience can also consider Iron Horse Security. Working in iron horse security presents several career opportunities for people with expertise in security matters. It provides some of the most extraordinary wages in the security industry.