Monopoly – Goal, Rules, Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Game

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( — May 26, 2021) — A favorite game for many, Monopoly boasts exciting gameplay and simple gaming rules. Read on to learn how to play the popular board game. 

Despite antitrust laws, Monopoly is still allowed as an entertaining board game that you can enjoy with your friends. Invite two to eight people to sit down at the table and compete for the title of the richest person. However, if you would like to play Monopoly for real money, you can try free monopoly slots available on online casino websites. Unlike the classic game, they don’t require you to know the game rules. So, monopoly slots can be the best way to spend your time potentially profitable. However, if you want to know more about the gameplay of the original game, you are in the right place.

Purpose of the Game and How to PlayFirst you need to have a game template as well as a set of chance and community chest cards that are laid out on the playing field in the appropriate places. In addition, each player receives a special token to move around the playing field. The “GO” cell is the starting point for the game. The game also uses packs of fake money in denominations of 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 dollar. At the start of the game, each player receives $ 1,500 in their hands as starting capital. One of the players must be selected to act as a banker, whose task list includes collecting and distributing cash, managing establishments, and other properties. The main goal in the game is to earn as much money as possible in order to build your own monopoly. Features of the Gameplay So, when the game board is set up, then the following happens:

  • While the goal of the game is to become the richest player, you have to do that by buying, renting, and selling property.
  • At the very beginning of the game, each participant must roll two dice. The player with the highest value rolled is the first to play.
  • The player who plays first must roll the dice again and move as many cells on the playing field as the dice showed.
  • Some game cells correspond to certain properties. Once on such a cell, the player can make a decision regarding the acquisition of this particular value, taking into account his/her financial capabilities.
  • If the player hits the cell corresponding to the chance card, he/she must perform the action indicated on the card. Once on a cell with a community chest, the player must perform the action indicated on the corresponding community chest card. Once on the tax box, the player must pay a certain amount of tax. Once in the free parking or jail cell, the player should not do anything according to the rules of the game. To earn $ 200, the player must reach the “GO” cell at least. Having landed on a cell with a property belonging to another participant, the player must pay a certain amount of rent.

Having no properties (which can be sold) and owing more money than he/she is able to pay, the player is defined as a loser and is eliminated from the game. The last player remaining in the game is considered the winner. Gaming Rules Here are some important Monopoly rules to be aware of:

  • If the player does not wish to buy the property, it will be sold by auction.
  • If the dice show the same numbers each, the player must perform all the necessary actions and roll them again.
  • To get out of jail, the player must roll the same number on the dice, win a free escape card or pay $ 50 in bail, which will be transferred to the general bank.
  • Having received ownership of all properties of the same color, the player can double the amount of the rent.
  • The owner can sell the houses and hotels back to the bank for half their value or to other players at an agreed price.

So, now you know everything you need to play Monopoly and get the best gaming experience.