PA Relationship Counselor Barbara Klein Updates Coaching/Counselling Program

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Founder of The Best You – Dating & Life Coaching, Pennsylvania-based expert advisor and coach Barbara Klein has launched her comprehensive life and relationship coaching programs.

Barbara Klein, expert life and relationship coach, and founder of The Best You – Dating & Life Coaching announces the launch of her updated coaching programs which cater to those searching for clarity and guidance in these areas. The programs are offered in a 3, 6, and 12-month format, and focus on identifying the way to optimize a person’s self-knowledge and self-worth, in turn preparing them for positive future relationships.

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Barbara Klein desires to equip as many people as possible with the essential methods and tools to improve understanding of personal wants and needs, as well as laying a firm foundation for healthy relationships.

Very often, people repeat past negative patterns, choices and experiences when it comes to relationships, and do not have the insights or resources to identify these and change their life’s course for the good.

Statistics from the past few years show that almost half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce, with figures going up to 60% of second marriages end and 73% of third marriages.

Instead of learning from the past, these studies prove people tend to continue down similar harmful paths unless given a blueprint that brings about enlightenment. As part of her program, Klein dives deep into all these issues and pinpoints the key areas of focus that need to be optimized to produce better relational habits.

Key features included in Klein’s 3, 6, and 12-month programs are past relationship assessments, coaching sessions, support calls, text and email communications, private programs to enhance personal communication skills, on-demand advice, and much more.

Expert Life and Relationship Coach Barbara Klein built her programs based on the wealth of knowledge accumulated from past life-altering occurrences. In her own words, Klein says her life’s goal now is “to teach others to improve themselves through self-exploration and discovery and turn negatives into positives.”

A satisfied client says, “Barbara Klein focuses on determining one’s strengths, needs, and wants in a relationship. By first honing in on these attributes, one is then able to present oneself honestly, which will lead the way to the kind of relationship that is desired. Barbara guides her clients through the intricacies of having a relationship.”

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