Some Science-Based Foods Now Found Detrimental for Male Brain Health, Experts Suggest

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It is undeniable that the brain is the most important organ in the body. This is why more and more experts are strongly recommending to resort to some helpful measures in keeping it healthy and protected. 

According to studies, some foods can have some negative impacts on brain health. There are those that even increase the risk of dementia.

By 2030, this condition is estimated to affect over 65 million individuals worldwide. 

Scientists have long been recommending some foods found to boost brain health. However, there are also foods and beverages to avoid, such as sugary drinks, fruit juice, soda, and energy drinks.

It is important to remember that these drinks have high sugar contents, which studies have found to increase dementia risk. It is further worth noting that in animal studies, high fructose intake leads to decreases in memory, brain function, learning, and the formation of brain neurons.

Experts further warn against intake of refined carbohydrates, which particularly include sugars and highly-processed grains. These are carbs found to cause a spike in the levels of blood sugar and insulin.

They are also foods that are considered to be high-GI and high-GL, which researchers say may impair brain function.

There are minerals like zinc found to be extremely helpful in protecting and enhancing brain health.

It is worth mentioning that according to experts, the hippocampus of the brain has high concentrations of zinc. The hippocampus pertains to the brain center for memory and learning.

A team of scientists from MIT and Duke University carried out a study.

In this research, the investigators looked into the neurons in this brain area. They found that zinc is critical for long-term potentiation, which is a process essential for memory and learning. 

Health authorities have long been warning against zinc deficiency, which has been found to increase the ability of viruses, toxins, bacteria, and other harmful agents to cross the blood-brain barrier. 

Research from the Linus Pauling Institute has shown that sufficient zinc levels could offer protection against such an invasion. It is even found it enhance protection from serious brain diseases, such as Pick’s disease, Wilson’s disease, schizophrenia, and epileptic seizures, as well as alcoholism.

A study was performed by researchers at the National Italian Research Center on Aging.

In this study, it has been found that there is a link between higher zinc levels and healthy brain aging.

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