Stormproof Survival Lighter For Camping With Wind-Resistant Flame Launched

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The Ultimate Survival Technologies Trekker Stormproof Lighter has been launched on Mystadora. The wind-resistant durable lighter has an extra-large fuel tank and a rubberized watertight case.

Mystadora, an online store based in Austin, TX, launched the Ultimate Survival Technologies Trekker Stormproof Lighter. The company offers free shipping on all orders in the United States.

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The newly launched product has been designed for outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers, as well as all people who would like to have a versatile survival item for use in case of a natural disaster or another emergency.

Fire is essential for survival. It is used to cook food, boil water, stay warm, and keep predators away, which makes lighters survival staples. Although conventional disposable lighters are convenient for everyday use, they are not suitable for outdoor living or extreme weather conditions. They are not durable, cannot be refilled, and are not water and wind-resistant.

The Trekker stormproof lighter is a great choice for camping trips and picnics, as well as emergency situations when it needs to be ignited during a strong wind. The lighter burns a flame of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit off of quadruple refined butane.

The extra-large fuel tank, which ensures over 1,000 ignitions on one fill, has a convenient fuel level window indicator. There is also a flame indicator that glows when the lighter is ignited. The flame withstands winds of 70-80 mph and can be adjusted for optimum performance in altitudes up to 8,000 feet.

The Trekker stormproof lighter is extremely durable and long-lasting. Its Piezo-electric ignition system is sufficient for over 30,000 ignitions and can be used for lighting in wet conditions.

The lighter can be operated with one hand. It has a rubberized watertight case for easy grip and a wrist lanyard.

The Trekker stormproof lighter is a great present for outdoor lovers for a birthday, Father’s Day, or any other holiday. Mystadora offers a wide range of other camping and outdoor items, as well as home goods, electronics, toys, travel accessories, and many other products.

A company representative said: “We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the most innovative products, so you don’t have to spend days researching on your own.”

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