Anchorage AK Adult Day Center Social Alzheimers Care Services Updated

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Turnagain Social Club in Anchorage updates service offerings in specialized social care for senior members with Alzheimers, challenging the idea that Alzheimer’s needs to be lonely.

Turnagain Social Club, an adult day center in the Anchorage AK area, has updated its service offerings to include specialized care for Alaskans aged 55 or older who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Turnaround Social Club recognized the need for additional care services for the aging population of Anchorage in which the number of Alzheimer’s patients were also increasing.

The organization focuses on providing support in a social environment with caregivers who understand the needs of diverse patients with many different types of dementia. Specifically, the care program is focused around an understanding that stories in particular are key to Alzheimer’s care as they can provide a common thread as short-term memories fade and become less reliable.

The Social Clubs Alzheimer’s care embeds the concepts of making friends and swapping stories, strengthening the interpersonal connections between patients and caregivers and building a sense of community.

Turnagain Social Club challenges the idea that the personal journey with Alzheimer’s needs to be lonely. The club’s services also include pick up and drop off with their own transportation. Turnagain Social Club is a therapeutic care environment with a low staff-to-member ratio, a state of the art two-floor building, handicap-accessible entrances and an elevator.

In response to the current pandemic, they have also updated their social care service to include online options so that care visitors can connect with their new community in the way they feel most comfortable. Their online activities now include live music performances, bingo, chair yoga, trivia and more.

Owner of Turnagain Social Club Kori Mateaki says, “If we can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by about 5 years the healthcare cost savings are tremendous.”

Turnagain Social Club invites Anchorage residents to try out their Social Alzheimer’s Care for a patient or a loved one, and discover the difference that a fun community environment can make to senior or disabled adults.

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