US Rehab Brand Recognition/Google Ranking Service For Counseling Centers Launch

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A Louisiana-based team of media specialists introduces an innovative online advertising service to help rehab facilities and counseling centers to get more patients.

Luminary Media LLC announces the release of a new marketing service for alcohol and drug treatment facilities, as well as counseling and behavioral health centers. The Louisiana-based agency helps their clients improve their online visibility and brand recognition through innovative advertising solutions.

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Through their latest release, the team of media branding specialists provides the said healthcare providers the tools they need to put their content and websites in front of patients who require their services.

The experts at Luminary Media LLC recognize that digital marketing can be a massive undertaking for many types of businesses, healthcare facilities and centers included, without an in-house marketing team. Even with full-time marketers onboard, the task can still prove to be a challenge when trying to penetrate a saturated market without the right approach and technology.

To help their clients enhance their online exposure for the different treatments and services they offer, the agency leverages their partnerships with a wide network of high-traffic websites and publishes what they refer to as “hyperlocal ads”. The strategy has a demonstrated ability to result in noticeable patient growth within months of implementation.

Over the years, Luminary Media LLC has managed to help hundreds of businesses establish a strong presence on the internet. They have a particular interest in working with clients involved in drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation, inpatient recovery programs, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), family counseling, and various crucial treatments and services.

With the most recent announcement, the agency allows their clients to improve patient trust by associating their brands with popular and reputable websites. They also enable them to drive more traffic to their websites by increasing their relevance for queries related to their services, especially coming from potential patients in their local areas.

As a representative from the agency states, “If your website does not convince Google that your site is the best choice for the search, then you will not be found and you will lose the potential sales. We know what Google wants. And if you have it, they will send all their customers directly to you.”

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