Northridge Gardens CA Juvenile Counseling – Mental Health Crisis Support Launch

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Mental Health & Wellness Group has announced the launch of its updated short-term counseling services for juveniles in Northridge Gardens who are experiencing mental distress.

Mental Health & Wellness Group (MHWG) has announced the launch of their updated short-term counseling services for juveniles in Northridge Gardens, CA. The company’s founder, Kimberly Pullen, is a certified psychological triage specialist.

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The launch of the updated services aims to give juveniles experiencing mental distress the short-term care and support they need to improve their psychological well-being.

The current pandemic, the associated lockdowns, and their economic impact have been detrimental to the mental health of many Americans. A survey conducted in June of 2020 found that Americans were exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders at approximately double the pre-pandemic rates. Juveniles have been particularly affected by the mental health effects of the pandemic.

Kimberly Pullen understands the unique needs of the juvenile population, and her counseling expertise allows her to help clients cope with trauma and psychological distress.

The psychological triage specialist offers counseling sessions online, in-person, or over the phone. By expressing themselves to a trusted professional, juveniles can experience the comfort of having their feelings validated.

In her counseling sessions, Pullen helps clients to develop adaptive coping strategies to manage their distress. The mental health expert also offers family sessions to help juvenile clients strengthen their relationships with family and more effectively utilize their support system.

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MHWG also provides resources for those struggling with mental health issues, including meditation and relaxation guides, mindfulness exercises, and nutrition advice.

For those seeking additional support, the company offers emotional support animal visits. Zeus the German Shepherd, MHWG’s certified emotional support dog, provides clients with love and support regardless of their current mental state.

Past clients speak highly of Pullen, as a satisfied customer said: “I highly recommend MHWG. I needed my thoughts and fears about the pandemic validated. Kimberly helped me discover ways to manage my personal mental health. Her short-term guidance put me on track to achieve my long-term goals. I feel much more confident now.”

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