IVR Payments Implementation Guide – With Examples and Needs Analysis Released

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IVR Payment company Datatel has released a guide detailing how businesses can quickly implement IVR payments. The guide offers essential information and implementation examples.

Datatel Communications Inc, an innovative IVR Payment software company, has released a guide designed to help businesses on how to successfully implement IVR (interactive voice response) Payments. For over 20 years, the company has been delivering groundbreaking payment software, and secure IVR communication solutions to help clients boost their efficiency, security, and profitability.

More information can be found at https://www.datatel-systems.com/WhitePapers/IVR-Payments-Simplified.aspx

The company’s newly released “IVR Payments Simplified: A Complete Guide For A Successful IVR Payments Implementation” offers an overview of IVR payments and a detailed needs verification survey with over 10 crucial areas to help businesses quickly implement their IVR payments.

IVR payments offer the most cost-efficient way to accept customer payments over the phone 24/7. It is more secure for customers since no one other than the customer itself handles the credit card information. This method is also beneficial for businesses as payments can be easily verified in real-time.

The guide is designed for a fast implementation that guarantees high customer satisfaction. It comes with “Pay-By-Phone (IVR Payments) The Basics” and “Examples Of Types Of Implementations”. Clients will also discover the “Identifying Your Needs” section (questions that aid businesses with a successful implementation)” and “Pay-By-Phone Simplified” (an overview of the key elements of IVR Payments).

The information-packed guide helps to ensure common mistakes will be avoided so clients can make the most informed decisions and focus on getting the most out of their IVR Payments implementation. Clients can obtain this essential guide by simply filling out a short form that can be found on the company’s website.

Datatel Communications Inc was established 25 years ago to offer solutions to help clients become more agile, secure, and successful. The company’s systems are employed all over the world by thousands of businesses, healthcare providers, academic institutions, government, software companies, and service providers.

A satisfied client said: “My team and I would like to commend Datatel on creating an IVR application that adds great value to our new Travel product. Your knowledge, input, and expertise in IVR scripting, call flow management and overall IVR logistics made the development and implementation stages extremely easy to manage. Thank you for a well-executed campaign that was launched on time and on budget.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.datatel-systems.com