Mindfulness Seminar – Virtual Event For Changing Core Mental Patterns Launched

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California’s Baz Porter has announced an upcoming Core Mindfulness event for June 14 designed to help participants identify and shed the core patterns that may be limiting their quality of life.

Baz Porter, a transformational life coach and trauma specialist based in Palos Verdes Estates, California, is leading a new Core Mindfulness seminar on Monday June 14 at 4.00pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

More details are available at https://www.bazporter.com/core-mindfulness

This new Core Mindfulness event comes in response to the latest statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health which indicate that in 2021 one in five American adults, meaning roughly 51.5 million people, suffer from a mental illness, primarily depression and anxiety.

The teaching principles that ground this new course are based upon Baz’s belief that mindfulness is the best tool to help empower people to make positive choices and take ownership over their own destiny. This is something which he believes is the first step to inner calm, peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Primarily, this wellness course has been developed to assist participants to recognize and release limiting patterns in their life, helping participants to shift negative thoughts and behaviors, even those which they may have previously been unaware of.

More specifically, this in-depth webinar will teach participants 12 unique ways to identify and transform limiting habits both quickly and effectively.

The online seminar is designed to be an intimate, safe and life changing experience. Baz Porter brings his own struggles as a returned soldier with PTSD to assist his students to grapple with their own traumatic or unhappy experiences, experiences that may be holding them back from feeling happiness in the present.

Baz Porter forms just one half of the Baz Porter team. Alongside his wife and business partner, psychologist and family therapist Nicola Porter, they offer a number of courses for individuals and business teams to promote good mental health and tackle the problems that can hold people back in life.

A participant from one of Baz’s previous wellness courses said, “Your mentorship has helped me to heal and grow. I always feel safe with you to do that deep inner work that must be done in order to propel forward in my life.”

More information and ticket purchasing details are available at https://www.bazporter.com/core-mindfulness