South Jordan UT Laser Eye Treatment – LASIK Refractive Surgery Service Launched

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An updated range of refractive laser eye surgery procedures have been launched by South Jordan, UT-based Clearvision Institute (+1-385-222-2020) for patients in South Jordan and Salt Lake City.

Clearvision Institute, eye surgery specialists based in South Jordan, UT, have launched an updated range of corrective eye services for patients. The launch offers individuals in Sandy, Draper, Herriman, South Jordan, and the wider Salt Lake City area the institute’s cutting-edge LASIK corrective laser eye surgery procedures.

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The launch extends the team’s expertise to patients of all ages, providing a comprehensive range of ophthalmology services. Patients can benefit from innovative surgery to correct their nearsighted and farsighted vision issues, as well as receive treatment for conditions such as astigmatism.

Blurred vision has traditionally been corrected by the refraction of light rays over spectacles or lenses. According to the Mayo Clinic, LASIK procedures achieve a similar effect by reshaping the cornea – the transparent tissue at the front of the eye. A precision laser is able to remove corneal tissue which can then be lifted or flattened by the surgeon to achieve the necessary refraction.

Clearvision Institute’s LASIK procedure offers a swift solution for corrective surgery. The surgery takes less than 30 minutes to complete with the laser portion of the treatment only lasting for 2 to 3 minutes.

Patients can expect to return to normal life without complications. Any side effects such as dry eyes are minimal and can be expected to clear up within a month or two.

Clearvision Institute also offers surgery for cataract and glaucoma treatment, as well as oculoplastic procedures on eyelids for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

Headed by Dr. Brittany Capstick and Dr. Bala Umbati, the Clearvision Institute team is committed to providing advanced vision care to the wider South Jordan community. The company welcomes both scheduled and emergency appointments.

A spokesperson says, “From complete eye exams and treatment of complex eye conditions to LASIK and refractive surgeries performed right here in our office, we are here to help provide you with visual freedom.”

With the launch of their updated LASIK and refractive eye surgery services, Clearvision Institute continues to make high-end vision care and technological innovation in ophthalmologic treatment the standard for the people of South Jordan and Salt Lake City.

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