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Homestead Medical Experts offers customized recruitment of medical expert witnesses for attorneys requiring their knowledge around the country. The referral source has recently updated its services.

Homestead Medical Experts announces its updated services to connect expert medical witnesses with attorneys in need of their knowledge. The leading expert witness referral source services clients all around the country.

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The updated services feature improved technologies that connect attorneys with qualified medical specialists using a modern legal case management system. This streamlines the process and makes the referral system faster and more efficient. Further, as Homestead Medical Experts is connected with more than one expert in every specialty, clients are assured that they can find a qualified medical witness for their case.

Expert witness testimony is crucial to medical malpractice cases. In most cases, the facts are often too complicated for non-doctors to understand. That is why lawyers must find an expert medical witness to explain the facts of the case, as well as provide a non-biased opinion. Their testimony lends weight to the lawsuit and may determine its outcome.

Homestead has been serving clients around the United States since 2015 and understands the importance of honest and genuine connections. That is why their medical experts share their thoughts on the case with each client at the very beginning, and if the lawsuit is strong or not.

Interested clients can submit their case on the company’s website for a free consultation and an expert witness will respond to them within 12 hours. After that, clients can ask to be assigned to a medical expert and a customized contract will be drawn to finalize the referral. A dedicated case manager facilitates communication between parties and ensures that all deadlines are met.

The updated service continues its mission of being a convenient referral source for attorneys looking for expert medical witnesses.

A satisfied client wrote, “As a litigator who handles cases in court, I have used the experts provided by Homestead regularly. As a company, Homestead is easy to deal with and very professional. Homestead has done their homework when it comes to their cadre of professionals.”

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