AI-Powered Window Cleaning Robot – Ultrasonic Spray Dust Removal Gadget Launched

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Home Robot has launched an updated robot window cleaner powered by cutting-edge technology. It nebulizes water into dense mist to remove dust and polish the glass without leaving marks.

Home Robot LLC has announced the launch of a newly updated window cleaning solution for U.S. customers. Their HOBOT-298 ultrasonic water spray uses bio-mimicry technology to dissolve dust through the application of dense mist.

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The newly updated product uses cutting-edge technology to provide customers with streak-free, clean windows. The HOBOT-298 nebulizes water, which allows it to dissolve dust rather than smearing it – enabling customers to clean their windows without fear of leftover marks.

With powerful vacuum suction, the HOBOT is able to attach to the surface of the window securely and safely. When in use, it sucks the dust away from the glass and leaves a smooth, clean finish.

Customers have peace of mind thanks to the inbuilt auto-adjustable pneumatic pad. This gives them complete control over the driving force of the device.

A customizable smart route can be designed, powered by AI technology. The robot has integrated edge detection, enabling it to carefully move over the whole window area, both horizontally and vertically.

One of the main benefits of the unique design is that it has a large cleaning area. Combined with a steady speed of 12 centimeters per second, the device can clean a square meter of window thoroughly within two and a half minutes.

Unlike other window cleaning products, the HOBOT-298 uses advanced cleaning functionality to nebulize water into dense mist. This enables it to completely dissolve any dust on the window, while polishing the glass at the same time.

Customers are able to easily fill the tank with HOBOT cleaning solution. Once the robot is running, it can clean the full window area without any support or assistance.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our company is dedicated to introducing the most cutting edge and highest quality robotic technology from around the world to the North American markets. Our vision is to promote a world where science and technology are embraced as a part of everyday life and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”

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