Chicago Antimicrobial Surface Coating – Disinfecting Cleaning Solution Launched

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Clean Technologies LLC offers newly updated disinfecting surface coating services to the entire nation. MicrobeCare is an antimicrobial solution that only needs to be applied twice a year.

Clean Technologies LLC, a company based in Chicago, IL, launched updated MicrobeCare surface application services. It is an antimicrobial cleaning solution service that leverages the same cleaning method used in surgical settings, providing long-lasting bacteria and virus protection. The product needs to be applied once every six months.

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The newly launched disinfecting product helps to ensure a safe environment in public spaces like offices, retail, senior living, restaurants, fitness facilities, and more.

As many people return to their workplaces after the restrictions of the current pandemic, businesses need to take protective measures for client and employee safety. Regular surface cleaning and protection is a critical step for maintaining a healthy environment.

Traditional disinfectants have a short life span and need to be applied several times a day to be effective. However, frequent use of harsh chemicals can cause respiratory problems in employees and clients, especially those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

The MicrobeCare antimicrobial solution provided by Clean Technologies LLC is a safe and non-toxic product which only needs to be applied twice a year. Bonding to the surface, the solution creates a microscopic barrier that is effective against various microorganisms, including mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria.

MicrobeCare can be applied to almost any surface, including woven and synthetic textiles, adhesives, rubber, foam, plastics, glass, upholstery, countertop surfaces, aluminum, steel, and more.

The experts from Clean Technologies LLC are available 24/7 and can apply the MicrobeCare solution with minimal disruption in the workplace. No special preparation is required. Employees can return to their work 15 minutes after the application.

MicrobeCare does not contain any heavy metals like tin, arsenic, silver, and copper, which are often used in other antimicrobials.

MicrobeCare uses a patented technology that is being utilized in various industries, including healthcare, furnishings, textile, and industrial. The company’s clients use the solution for product and surface protection.

“Whether it be your staff, customers, or even your loved ones, the risk of bacterial or viral infection has grown increasingly prominent,” said a company representative. “Clean Technologies quickly and efficiently treats your space to provide long-lasting protection.”

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