Print-On-Demand Store Setup – E-Commerce Product/Site Design Services Launched

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Merchstore has launched their updated branded merch solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The company handles product design, marketing, and fulfillment.

Merch Store, an e-commerce agency, has announced the launch of its updated branded merchandise solutions. The company has over 10 years of experience in the print-on-demand industry, which has given them an in-depth understanding of the online apparel market.

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The launch of the updated branded merchandise solutions aims to give clients the high-quality branded apparel they need to start a successful print-on-demand business.

As the e-commerce industry as a whole has experienced rapid growth in response to the recent pandemic, the print-on-demand business has received an influx of revenue. The market for custom t-shirts alone is expected to reach 10 billion dollars by 2025, and other common print-on-demand products such as hoodies, crewnecks, and mugs are becoming increasingly popular.

Despite the e-commerce market’s high potential for profit, the low barrier to entry allows entrepreneurs to start an online business without making a large investment.

Merch Store provides the branded products, graphics, software, and fulfillment solutions necessary to operate your own print-on-demand store without technical expertise.

The process begins with a brand consultation, in which the company’s branding team collaborates with clients to develop an appealing digital brand. In this stage, clients communicate their brand message, and Merch Store’s artists create a custom logo and unique branded designs.

Next, clients can choose from a selection of over 30 different products to customize with their designs and add to their online catalog. Upon completion of the branding and product development phases, the company’s expert web developers deliver a ready-to-use, personalized e-commerce store.

The store is equipped with powerful e-commerce software solutions, including GroovePay and Slingly. GroovePay allows clients to smoothly process customer payments, whereas Slingly allows them to connect their store with larger e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. Details are available at

In addition to e-commerce software tools, Merch Store employs evidence-based digital marketing and email outreach strategies to promote client businesses.

A satisfied customer said: “I’m a designer, and their design team is top-notch and well trained. They made my designs exactly how I wanted them.”

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