Automated Lead Generation – AI Outreach Campaign/Sales Software Launched

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Pipeline-as-a-Service specialist ScaleX has launched a new range of lead generation products that utilize artificial intelligence to provide multi-channel sales campaigns.

Virtual business lead generation specialist ScaleX has launched an expanded range of products that utilize artificial intelligence to automate a number of sales-related functions.

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With many companies being forced to reduce their sales teams during the pandemic, the latest announcement offers clients a Pipeline-as-a-Service solution that adopts a multi-channel approach.

Traditionally, sales and business development representatives have been the primary means by which businesses reach out to potential customers. As the global downturn caused many businesses to lose frontline salespeople, finding an effective way to generate leads has become an important focus.

The solutions from ScaleX provide businesses with outreach campaigns that combine social media, phone, email, and paid advertising.

The ScaleX Social Selling platform enables businesses to automate LinkedIn and Twitter marketing efforts. For example, the LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator functions can be used to identify potential clients and the ScaleX system will then engage with those businesses at a pre-defined level.

Business owners and managers can then manually engage with those leads that have responded to the initial outreach, ensuring that effort is only spent on prospects that have a good chance of becoming customers.

The new ScaleX Pipeline-as-a-Service product utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a personalized prospecting solution at scale.

The platform obtains data from a variety of sources such as ZoomInfo and SalesIntel. This includes geographics, technographics, and optional intent data acquired through Bombora.

The company then generates customized video introductions for each prospect in combination with a virtual assistant that generates automated email and social media outreach.

Digital paid advertising then increases the company’s online footprint within a targeted market. Agent-assisted dialing provides the final step in the solution, which is designed to provide businesses with substantial increases in leads and sales.

ScaleX suggests that a typical campaign utilizing the Pipeline-as-a-Service product would generate up to 1,000 new leads per month, sourced from a combination of 3,000 calls, 3,000 emails, and 3,000 social media actions.

A company representative stated: “Over the years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) has evolved tremendously and has made personalization at scale possible for the first time ever.”

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