Heartwarming Words Pendant Jewelry For Loved Ones – Amazon Prime Deals Announced

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Online retailer of unique jewelry and gifts, Quinnlyn & Co., have announced their participation in Amazon Prime Day on June 21 and 22. The company sells pendant jewelry with heartwarming messages.

Quinnlyn & Co., an online retailer of unique gifts and jewelry, has announced their participation in the upcoming Amazon Prime Day on June 21 and 22. The company specializes in providing gifts that contain heartwarming messages of encouragement and love.

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The recent announcement offers customers the opportunity to purchase the new collection of pendants from Quinnlyn & Co. at reduced prices.

Quinnlyn & Co. was founded with the aim to help people spread kindness through the wisdom of words. The company’s emblem is a typewriter – an homage to their founder’s father – and each of the items of jewelry from the store includes a quote or phrase intended to help customers express their affection toward their loved ones, where their own words may have failed.

The company’s recognizable way with words has been used to create a distinct collection of jewelry and gifts that help customers to connect to their friends and family. The range includes individual messages for each sign of the zodiac, with a matching accompanying pendant that’s elegant and simple enough to appeal to any taste or style.

Some items have been created with a recipient in mind, such as the Stethoscope Heart Pendant, shaped like a stethoscope coiled into a heart symbol – an ideal choice for those working in medical fields, such as doctors or nurses. Similarly, the company’s own symbol appears on their Typewriter Pendant, bearing a simple typewriter charm that makes a great gift for writers and readers alike.

Each pendant from Quinnlyn & Co. comes on a simple backing card with beautiful quotes from William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Hans Christian Andersen, and more. Each chain is made of stainless steel and fully adjustable from 16 to 18 inches, and the charms made of pewter.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to commit to providing customers with unique, thoughtful items for themselves, friends, and loved ones at discounted rates through Amazon Prime Day.

Alex Tran, Founder of Quinnlyn & Co. said: “At Quinnlyn & Co., we firmly believe in the power of words, but we understand that the right language can be hard to come by. Often, people can’t find the perfect words to express how they truly feel. That’s where we come in.”

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