Multiple Studies Warn Household Products May Contain Disease-Causing Ingredients

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( — July 1, 2021) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are investigating the impacts of certain ingredients in household products that are classified as toxic. 

In multiple research studies, experts warn that regular or prolonged exposure to these toxins may result in the increased odds of certain diseases. One of the toxins in household ingredients to watch out for is ammonia, which works as a glass cleaner and a polisher. 

It is worth keeping in mind that this ingredient is known to be highly effective in leaving a streak-free shine, but it is also irritating to the human tissue. 

Prolonged ammonia exposure may produce permanent damage to the mucous membranes and cardiovascular system. It is similarly important to be warned against sodium hydroxide, which is found in heavy-duty cleaners. 

It is an ingredient in clog removers and drain cleaners as it is effective in corroding dried food and clumps as well as hardened skin and hair. 

Experts increasingly warn that even mild contact with skin or inhalation can actually result in severe reactions in sensitive areas. There are also those who suffered from severe reactions in sensitive areas due to mild contact with skin or inhalation. 

It can also result in a burning sensation in the throat or skin. Another ingredient to watch out for is chlorine, which is a chemical used in cleaning pool water. It is also concentrated in toilet bowl cleaners, laundry whiteners, scouring powder, and mildew removers. 

Health authorities warn that prolonged exposure can cause a disruption in thyroid function, skin irritation, and chronic dryness. 

There are many other toxins to watch out for, such as Perchloroethylene (PERC) which is commonly found in fabric cleaners.

As a potential carcinogen and neurotoxin, its exposure may eventually increase the risk of certain medical conditions.

There are many toxins that are associated with the increased risk of certain diseases. This is why it is vital to reduce or avoid their exposure and take some measures found to be particularly helpful in reducing the body’s toxic burden. 

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