Plant-Based Lifestyle Interventions For Obesity – Telemedicine Services Launched

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Plant Based Telehealth, a national telemedicine service focused on preventing and reversing chronic disease utilizing lifestyle interventions, has announced the launch of its new secure video conferencing care solution.

Plant Based Telehealth, a national telemedicine service focused on utilizing lifestyle intervention to prevent, manage, and reverse chronic disease, has announced the launch of its new “in-person” care service, which patients can access via secure video conferencing and patient portal technologies from the comfort of their own homes.

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This announcement will be of interest to individuals seeking a natural, evidence-based solution to a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and more. The service addresses the root of these issues by promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle modifications, including the adoption of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

The clinic’s knowledgeable doctors look beyond traditional medicine’s drug-based therapies to create a roadmap to wellness by focusing on the promotion of healthy lifestyle interventions. Other lifestyle changes recommended by the service’s physicians include increased exercise, stress reduction, improved sleep, tobacco cessation, and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Physicians are available to see patients in 49 states across the country. Appointments can be quickly booked, managed, and attended online.

Every appointment is based on the individual patient’s needs. A typical appointment lasts 30 minutes, during which doctors will take the time to carefully understand each patient’s medical history and existing treatments before recommending the next steps and arranging follow-up appointments.

Just like any other licensed physician, Plant Based Telehealth’s doctors can order labs and prescribe and deprescribe medications as required based on their patients’ medical needs.

To help ease the transition to a healthier lifestyle, the doctors will work with patients to create an individual plan that takes them from their current situation towards a healthier future. The physicians will explain to their patients what is required to help them achieve their goals and set out a timeline to keep them on track.

A spokesperson for Plant Based Telehealth said, “Scientific evidence shows that many chronic diseases can be significantly controlled, improved, or many times reversed by adopting a whole food plant-based diet. Our doctors understand that this may require a significant lifestyle change and so work with their patients to make those positive steps towards wellness at a sustainable pace.”

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