Marriage Counseling For Couples During Pandemic – Stop Divorce Report Released

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Online marriage counseling guide and couples advice site, Beating Divorce, has launched a report outlining the signs that indicate a couple is ready to split, and how to stop a divorce.

Beating Divorce, an online resource for guides and advice on marriage, has launched an updated report detailing signs couples should look for that signify their marriage is over, and how to stop a divorce.

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The latest announcement responds to an increase in searches online for marriage counseling and couples advice following the troubles of the world climate in 2020.

Throughout the pandemic, couples have been under unprecedented levels of pressure to maintain their relationships. Trapped in closer quarters than ever before, many marriages have fallen apart due to the extra stress – while some have grown stronger. A culture of feeling like there is no escape has encompassed couples across the world, some of whom were already struggling to maintain a level of normalcy.

Statistics show that 40% to 50% of marriages in the U.S are likely to end in divorce, but resources to reduce these numbers are becoming more readily available. Marriage and couples counseling, support centers and helplines, and even online tools are becoming more popular as couples seek to strengthen their marriage from within.

The report from Beating Divorce outlines eight signs that couples should look out for that might be outward indicators of inward troubles. Some are signs an individual must look for, such as self-doubt, the value their partner holds, and how honest each person is with themselves. Others are more subtle, like a couple’s consistent inability to comfortably resolve conflict, or more serious, such as a history of abuse.

The report encourages individuals to look at their marriage analytically, from an objective standpoint as well as an emotional one. The article explains that divorce is a serious decision and not always a straightforward solution. It goes on to offer advice on how to overcome the aforementioned signs a couple might have noted, provides advice on how to stop a divorce, and provides a complimentary handbook download and an advice video for users.

With the latest announcement, Beating Divorce continues to expand its range of high-quality marriage advice and counseling resources for the public, for those who are struggling to make their relationships work.

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