Ghostwriters And Co Now Offering Articles And TED Talks Content Writing Services

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Award-winning professional ghostwriting company, Ghostwriters & Co, has updated its services to include helpful advice on how to choose the correct writer for the required content.

Ghostwriters & Co, professional content creation and ghostwriting company, is now offering help to clients looking to hire writers or begin writing themselves. The company also offers information for clients looking to become TED speakers or land other speaking opportunities.

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The newly offered services include content creation from award-winning ghostwriters that is designed to boost a brand’s visibility and sales. The company offers a wide range of book writing and editing services, including speech writing, and website content creation. They also specialize in writing blog articles and case studies.

Ghostwriters & Co is a fully trained team of varied professionals, including ghostwriters, editors, and project managers, who collaborate with clients to create content that will help them advance their goals and stand out in their industry.

Becoming a TED speaker is a proven way of establishing industry-leader status. The media agency dedicated to distributing “ideas worth spreading” on a wide range of topics has enabled speakers to build entire careers with one TED talk. With professional ghostwriting services from an experienced team, clients can gain access to this useful platform and have their ideas heard by local and global audiences.

Professional ghostwriting is often used in a variety of businesses to assist clients who may be experts in their fields, but not in the writing process. It is also possible for ghostwriters to use their own expertise, or research they have done, to make their clients appear to be an expert through the content they produce or speeches written for them.

An expert ghostwriter can write content that appears to be written in the personal tone of the client. This allows their clients to take the credit for any writing that has been done, whether that’s writing speeches, books, or reports. It is not uncommon for ghostwriters to write entire book series for their clients.

Ghostwriters are skilled at attaining the knowledge they require to write professional pieces, whether that includes doing online research or personal interviews. They have expertise in transforming that knowledge into writing that is adapted to reach either a specific audience or the widest audience possible.

Research has shown that professional ghostwriting services can increase client conversion rates by up to 67%, and increase speaking engagement attendance by up to 28%. This is due in part to the writer’s trained expertise at crafting promotions and sales speeches without sounding obnoxious or overly pushy to the consumer.

A satisfied client said, “I really enjoyed working with Ghostwriters & Co and have been working with them on various pieces of content for over 6 years now. In fact, they have helped me write all three of my books.”

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