Car Security Dash Camera HD 1080p 32 GB DVR With 6 Hour Storage Released

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ProtectionBay has launched a new 1080p HD Dash Cam to allow car owners to record HD video and audio of traffic incidents and avoid insurance fraud.

ProtectionBay, a company dedicated to providing their customers with the tools necessary to protect themselves, their homes, and their loved ones, has released a new 1080p HD Dash Camera with a built-in DVR. The company provides a wide range of personal defense, home defense, and security products to give their customers a feeling of security.

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The recently released dash cam aims to protect users when they are behind the wheel by recording high quality video and audio of incidents that occur on the road.

Dashboard-mounted cameras have helped to keep law enforcement safe for decades, and they have proven to be a valuable security tool. Dash cams can also provide value to private citizens, as the video evidence recorded by a dash cam can protect drivers from insurance fraud and false claims about what occurred in a traffic accident.

The 1080p HD Dash Cam is installed with a suction cup mount on the windshield and captures a 170° viewing angle to record everything in front of the vehicle. The camera can be charged through the cigarette lighter in approximately 3 hours, and it has a battery life of 2 days when unplugged. Using the parking mode feature, which does not require the car to be running, the camera can record the car’s surroundings even when the driver is not present.

The dash cam has a built-in DVR that records to the included 32 GB micro SD card, which can store over 6 hours of HD footage. Camera owners can export their files to their computers or other storage devices using the included USB cable, and the mini HDMI port allows users to view footage on external HDMI displays.

The launch of the 1080p HD Dash Cam is in line with ProtectionBay’s commitment to keeping its customers safe with their tools and technology.

ProtectionBay guarantees the quality of its products, as a spokesperson said: “The 1080p HD Dash Cam has a high performance chip, so the video and picture quality are very clear.”

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