Chandler AZ Personal Injury Lawyer – Car Accident Expert Legal Services Launched

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IBF Law Group (602-833-1110) has announced the availability of affordable and reliable legal services for personal injury claims at its office in Phoenix, Arizona.

IBF Law Group has announced the availability of expert legal services for personal injury claims. The law firm employs experienced personal injury attorneys at its office in Phoenix and caters to clients in the surrounding areas including Chandler, Scottsdale, and Mesa, Arizona.

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The new announcement from IBF Law Group intends to give clients access to high-quality legal services in person, via telephone, and through a live chat feature on its website.

Personal injury claims range from minor injuries to fatal accidents. Common personal injury claims are related to motor vehicle accidents, cases of medical malpractice, hit-and-run cases, and dog bites. These cases tend to be complex and it is essential to have dependable and compassionate legal representation.

The attorneys at IBF Law Group are well-equipped to provide representation in personal injury cases. The firm’s staff, including founding attorney Sheree Wright, primarily comprises of immigrants who have personally experienced legal difficulties. Therefore, they take special care to look after the emotional needs of clients in addition to passionately pursuing their cases.

After a client approaches IBF Law Group with a claim, the attorneys determine whether the injury was on account of negligence by another party. The team then makes clients aware of the intricacies of state law such as the fact that personal injury claims in Arizona need to be filed within two years from the date on which the incident took place.

The firm adopts a meticulous approach to building a case for clients and ensuring that they receive the maximum compensation possible for damages. These damages are typically awarded in the form of monetary compensation for hospital bills and mental suffering. In extreme cases, the firm can also help clients pursue punitive damages.

IBF Law Group has a branch in Albuquerque, New Mexico in addition to its office in Phoenix. With the new announcement, the firm is continuing to diversify its range of legal services beyond its core expertise in immigration law.

A satisfied client said: “We had an excellent experience with IBF Law Group. They thoroughly examined our case, and although they were compassionate, they also gave us straight answers that were sometimes difficult to hear.”

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